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APRIL 28, 2018 -- 9a.m.- 5p.m.

FREE and open to the public

(Rehearsal Show--April 27, 2018--DoD ID Card Holders Only)


  • Schedule

    Current Schedule

    27 April 2018 Rehearsal Show

    27 April 2018 STEM Day

    28 April 2018 Air & Space Expo

    0800: Base Gates Open to Public
    1100:  Opening ceremony (WoB jump, National Anthem, T-38 Flyover)
    1110:  9 RW/CC Remarks
    Flow of performances:  
    Extra 300 tease
    Jet Truck
    T-38 4-ship flyby and land
    Wings of Blue team jump
    U-2 Ground Show and Takeoff
    F-22 Demo #1

    West Coast Ravens Demo

    –Precision Exotics Demo

    –Vicky Benzing Stearman Aerobatics

    –U-2 70K pass with re-enlistment ceremony

    –WWII re-enactment with B-25, F-6, and Zero

    –T-33 Acemaker Demo, Race Jet Truck

    –C-27J Flyby

    –KC-135 Flyby

    –U-2 Demo and T-38 “Beale Pride” formation

    –Wings of Blue Demo

    –Chuck Coleman Extra 300 Aerobatics

    –Patriots Jet Demonstration

    –F-22 Demo #2

    –F-22 and F-86 Heritage Flight

    **Schedule subject to change**

Contact Information

Director- Lt. Col. Sean Neylon
  • 530-634-8887
Ground Operations Director- Capt. Steve Riedl
  • 530-634-8887
Air Operations Director- Maj. Zach Johnson
  • 530-634-8887

VIP Tickets

The Beale Air & Space Expo is a FREE event. If you would like to purchase tickets with additional accommodations, please click link here VIP Tickets.

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